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Moscow Patriarchy is preparing a revolution in UOC MP?

Announcement of Kiev Patriarchy Press – center

It is known from a reliable source, that on June 19th of this year in Kiev-PecherskaLavra at 10 in the morning in building 70 ,a session of the Holy Synod of UOC MP is planned to be held .

In addition to that, with the decision of the Synod it is planned to invite the Moscow Patriarch Kirill to come to Ukraine for the church celebrations on the occasion of the Rus Baptism Day in the end of July.It would seem that visits if Moscow Patriarch to Ukraine are common from year 2008 and happen yearly. But this year , the celebration of the RusBaprism Day is only a formal reason to fulfill a revolution in the directory of UOC MP.

It is planned ,after the announcement of invitation of Partiarch Kirill to visit the celebrating events, with the means of mass media announcements , threatening and appeals  will be made,  not to let the visit of Moscow Patriarch to Ukraine happen. HowexactlyRussianpromulgationtopumpthehysteriaworksweallknow. Therefore in advance, an information picture of “so called” real threatening to the life of the Head of ROC will be created. And allegedly due to this life danger the main festive events will be relocated from Kiev to Chersonesus, near Sevastopol, as a place of St. dukeVolodymyrs’ personal baptism.

Thefinalgoalofthisscheme – istogatherthewholeepiscopateofUOCMPunderafairmatter, on the territory which legally belongs to Ukraine, but in fact is absolutely under control of Russian authorities and the relevant special services. ThefatherscouldbegatheredinMoscow.Butthereisanapprehension ,that a lot of the bishops will not go to the capital of a country  which is in an unannounced war against Ukraine, and the admitted resolutions in Moscow in the eyes of Ukrainians will be discredited.

And when the bishops will gather in Chersonesus, supposedly  for celebration –“accidently”, “after the brotherhood discussion’ it is planned to announce about the “UOC MO episcopate” desire to conduct a Council  for decision making of its’ future life.

The goal of holding this “Council” – is to announce that metropolitan Volodymyr (Sabodan) is finally not capable of acting , and give him (as it was made in Belarus not long ago) a title of a honorable celebrant of the UOC” and under control of Moscow Patriarch and Russian special services ,  “choose “ a new “Celebrant of UOC MP” – who will be loyal to Moscow. And for those bishops who decline to take apart in “Council ” to make them accept it’s decisions or announce them as dissidents.

Actually it is planned to use the scheme, which had being several times  used in the past for breaking down the decisions which were necessary for the Kreml directory .

Insuchaway.In1961 ,using the motive of celebration of the memorial day of Sergei Radonezskiy , the episcopate of ROC was called to Troitse-SergeevaLavra, and in the evening the fathers have announced that a Bishop Council will be held.   . On this council ,by governments directions, corrections to the spiritual statute had being admitted, which turned a priest from a head of the parish into a mercenary, and all the power and finance control in the parish was given to so called “executive body” consisting of worldly people, primary either loyal to the government, or directly assigned by it.  
ThesameschemewasusedinApril of 1992, when under the motive of “Meeting” in Kharkov , bishops of UOC were brought under special service control, and then this meeting was announced a “Bishop Council”, on which decisions , which created the existing church separation were admitted.  

Taking into account the serious changes, which had happened through the past months in Ukrainian society, regarding the attitude to Kreml and Moscow Patriarchy, the leaders of ROC and their trustees from the government are afraid to loose absolute control over UOC MP. That’s why they are ready to sacrifice a part of the UOC MP, which doesn’t admit the resolutions of the planned “Chersonesus council”, but to assign another loyal to Russia hierarch, under it’s control.

The fulfillment of these plans contradicts with the Statute of UOC MP, will be a rough intervention in it’s inner affairs from the part of Moscow Patriarchy, and also an intervention into the internal affairs of Ukraine from the side of antagonistically tuned kreml government. With such a step, Moscow not only wants to ensure to have control over a part of UOC MP, but also neutralize the influence of the Kiev Metropolis, which now doesn’t approve the speeches of the Moscow Patriarchy priests on the side of pro-kremlevski terrorists on the East of Ukraine.   

In this connection, Kiev Patriarchy press- center one more time announces, that UOC of  Kiev Patriarchy doesn’t decline the right of Moscow Patriarch to visit Ukraine, including the visit on occasion of Rus Baptism Day. On the contrary , we’ve always underlined that such visits only promote the increase of the parishioners of Kiev Patriarchy, because the ideas of “Russian peace” preached by Patriarch Kirill,  rouse bigger and bigger antipathy.  

WewouldliketorecallthattheBaptismof Rus-Ukraine took place in Kiev, in Dnepr waters. Thereforetherelocation of the celebration to any other place , especially to Crimea, which is under control of Russian authorities, we consider unacceptable.

Therefore we call to the episcopate , clergy and all the believers of UOC MP to be very attentive and not allow the revolution in the directory of your Church, and the Ukrainian government to stop the trials of kreml authorities to interfere in Ukrainian church affairs and use UOC MP to support the aggression against Ukraine.

Press-center of Kiev Patriarchy

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