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The Ukrainian Orthodox Church celebrant secretary – metropolitan Aleksandr Drabynko has condemned the church deforcement in Perevalne

1ma 2In regard to the interreligious conflict in village Perevalne.

June 1st 2014 on the longsuffering Crimea land an event that potentially can destroy the interreligious peace in Ukraine has happened. As mass media has informed , at 8 in the morning   in Perevalne village of Simferopol region , an armed group who had announced themselves as the siders of the Moscow Patriarchy, have made and  attack and demolition in church of Pokrov of Saint Virgin,  of Kiev Patriarchy. As result of this violent act  a pregnant woman has suffered and the daughter of church cleric who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Considering this,as the Celebrant Secretary and bishop of Ukrainian Orthodox Church I announce the following:

1.    ethics point of view and the church law;
Actions of the faces who had entered the church of UOC of KP and have made a barbaric act , offend against no only the law  of Ukraine , on the territory of which this horrible event took place, but also the eternal God’s commencements, which that all who took part in this disgraceful act are criminals as from the human law and as from the Christian

2.    In the Letter from the Celebrants of Local Orthodox Churches, which was admitted on Fanara in March 2014 ( paragraph 3 , regarding the situation in Ukraine), threatening of “violent takeover of holy monasteries and churches” were condemned, and hope was shown for  return of “our brothers ,which are out of the church communication today”. The occasion which is now being buzzed about is far from what was declared in Universal Synodic head;

3.    Blessed metropolitan Volodymyralways emphasized on the fact that the wound of church separation can only be cured by a dialogue of love, which  excludes any violence or compulsion. Thus the people who had attacked the church of UOC of KP has consciously ignored the position of Celebrantof Ukrainian orthodox Church and has disturbed his will  ;

4.    Having reviewed the actions of the attacking in the context of actual confessional situation we would like to notice, that they carry all aspect of political provocation, the goal of which is to break the fragile interreligious peace in our country.

5.    Addressing to our brothers in Christ with which we don’t have any praying or  Eucharistic communication today, I sincerely ask for forgiving for the acts of crime done by these people, which consider themselves to be the MP representatives, and ask them to show wisdom and stay out of mutual violent actions towards th Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Ukraine is aspiring toe social and church unity, of which keeps his everyday prayers to God the Celebrant of our Church the Blessed metropolitan Volodymyr.  Let’s not allow the outer political forces to provoke a new wave of violence in our country.

Oh Lord Almighty protect Ukraine !


Pereyalsav –Khmelnytskiy and Vyshevskiy Metropolitan
Vicar of Kiev Metropolitanate
Secretary of UOC Celebrant

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